Ana Navarro, PhD
Ana Navarro, PhD
Associate Professor, Family Medicine and Public Health
Reducing Cancer Disparities Program
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Diseases/Research Topics
Cancer Disparities, Cancer prevention/control among ethnic minorities, Latinos and cancer

Research Interests:

Dr. Navarro’s work concerns health promotion and program evaluation in multi-cultural settings. Specifically, her research focuses on barriers to traditional health care services in Latino populations and on the design and evaluation of innovative health care delivery strategies. Dr. Navarro’s research agenda and publications have focused on the use of community-based participatory interventions to improve health status and access to health care in the Latino communities in San Diego with a special emphasis on cancer control.

Her expertise and professional interests represent a unique combination in program evaluation and applied community interventions to eliminate health disparities. This expertise is consistently reflected in her numerous research and teaching activities as well as in University and community service.

Dr. Navarro's current research and community projects are in the area of cancer prevention and control, in particular early detection, tobacco-free communities, and nutrition cancer control. Dr. Navarro is also the UCSD of the Collaborative Planning of the SDSU-UCSD Cancer Partnership, an innovative project to address cancer disparities through research, training, and outreach.