RESEARCH PROGRAM TITLE (Code): Cancer Biology and Signaling (01)
Full NameAcademic TitleDepartmentsType Of Member
Amaro, Rommie E PhD Assoc. ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryAssociate
Boss, Gerry R MD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Brown, Joan H PhD Professor/ChairPharmacologyParticipating
Cavenee, Webster PhD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Chang, John T MD Assoc ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Cheroutre, Hilde PhD ProfessorDevelopmental ImmunologyParticipating
Chojkier, Mario MD Professor IRMedicineParticipating
Choo, Sun MD Associate PhysicianPediatricsParticipating
Cleveland, Don W PhD Professor & ChairCellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Corbett, Kevin D PhD Associate ProfessorLudwig Institute of Cancer ResearchAssociate
Crotty, Shane PhD ProfessorDivision of Vaccine DiscoveryParticipating
Crowe, Sheila E MD Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Cunard, Robyn MD Assistant Professor IRMedicineAssociate
De Maio, Antonio PhD ProfessorSurgeryAssociate
Desai, Arshad PhD ProfessorCellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Desgrosellier, Jay S Assistant ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Dixon, Jack E PhD Professor/Assoc. Vice Chancellor, Sci Affair, SOMPharmacology / School of MedicineParticipating
Donoghue, Dan J PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Emerson, Beverly M Ph.D. ProfessorBiologyParticipating
Engler, Adam J PhD Associate ProfessorBioengineeringParticipating
Ernst, Peter B DVM, PhD ProfessorPathologyAssociate
Farquhar, Marilyn G PhD ProfessorCellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Feng, Gen-Sheng PhD ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Field, Seth J MD, PhD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Fraley, Stephanie I PhD Assistant ProfessorBioengineeringAssociate
Fu, Wenxian PhD Assistant ProfessorPediatricsAssociate
Furnari, Frank PhD ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Ghosh, Partho PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Ghosh, Pradipta MD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Ginsberg, Mark H MD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Glass, Christopher K MD, PhD ProfessorMedicine / Cellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Goldstein, Lawrence S PhD ProfessorCellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Guan, Kun-Liang PhD ProfessorPharmacologyParticipating
Gutkind, J. Silvio PhD ProfessorPharmacologyParticipating
Haddad, Gabriel G MD Professor/ Chair/Physician in ChiefPediatricsParticipating
Hedrick, Catherine PhD ProfessorImmunologyParticipating
Hermann, Thomas C PhD Associate ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Hogan, Patrick G PhD ProfessorImmunologyParticipating
House, Carrie D PhD Assistant ProfessorBiologyAssociate
Huang, Wendy Jia Men PhD Assistant ProfessorCellular & Molecular MedicineAssociate
Jain, Mohit MD, PhD Assistant ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Jamieson, Christina A PhD Associate ProfessorUrologyParticipating
Jennings, Patricia A PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Joseph, Simpson PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Kadonaga, James PhD ProfessorBiological Sciences / Molecular BiologyParticipating
Kufareva, Irina PhD Project ScientistSCHOOL OF PHARMACY/PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCEParticipating
Lauberth, Shannon M PhD Assistant ProfessorBiological SciencesAssociate
Levine, Fred MD, PhD Professor EmeritusPediatricsAssociate
Li, Jinghong MD, PhD Assistant ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Li, Willis X Ph.D. ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Mali, Prashant PhD Assistant ProfessorBioengineeringParticipating
McCammon, J. Andrew PhD ProfessorPharmacology / Chemistry & BiochemistryAssociate
Muotri, Alysson R PhD ProfessorPediatrics / Cellular & Molecular MedicineAssociate
Newmeyer, Donald D PhD ProfessorImmunologyParticipating
Newton, Alexandra C PhD ProfessorPharmacologyParticipating
Nigam, Sanjay K MD ProfessorMedicine / Pediatrics / Cellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Niwa, Maho PhD Associate ProfessorBiological SciencesAssociate
Obonyo, Marygorret PhD Assistant ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Oegema, Karen F PhD ProfessorCellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Olefsky, Jerrold M MD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Onaitis, Mark MD Assoc Physician DiplSurgeryParticipating
Parast, Mana M. M.D. Ph.D. Associate ProfessorPathologyAssociate
Pasquinelli, Amy E PhD ProfessorBiological SciencesParticipating
Pilz, Renate B MD Professor IRMedicineParticipating
Saltiel, Alan R PhD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Sander, Maike MD ProfessorPediatrics / Cellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Sharma, Sonia MD PhD Assist ProfessorCell BiologyParticipating
Sigurdson, Christina J DVM, PhD Asst. ProfessorPathologyAssociate
Singh, Kumud K Ph.D. Asst. Professor (Adjunct)PediatricsAssociate
Sohl, Christal D PhD Assistant ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Spector, Deborah H PhD ProfessorCellular & Molecular Medicine / Skaggs School of PharmacyParticipating
Subramani, Suresh PhD Professor/Exec Vice ChancellorSchool of MedicineParticipating
Sun, Xin PhD Professor PediatricsParticipating
Taylor, Susan S PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Trejo, Joann PhD Associate ProfessorPharmacologyParticipating
Troemel, Emily R PhD Assistant ProfessorBiologyAssociate
Varki, Ajit MD Distinguished ProfessorMedicine / Cellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Walter, Gernot PhD Professor EmeritusPathologyParticipating
Wang, Dong PhD Assistant ProfessorPharmaceutical SciencesAssociate
Wang, Emily Shizhen PhD Associate ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Wang, Jean YJ PhD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Wang, Yingxiao PhD Associate ProfessorBioengineeringParticipating
Wilhelm, Jim PhD Associate ProfessorBiological SciencesParticipating
Wilkinson, Miles F PhD ProfessorReproductive MedicineParticipating
Xu, Yang PhD ProfessorBiological SciencesParticipating
Yang, Jing PhD Associate ProfessorPharmacologyParticipating
Zhang, Dong-Er PhD ProfessorPathology / Biological SciencesParticipating
Zhang, Jin PhD ProfessorPharmacologyParticipating
Zuniga, Elina PhD ProfessorBiologyParticipating

RESEARCH PROGRAM TITLE (Code): Structural and Functional Cancer Genomics (02)
Full NameAcademic TitleDepartmentsType Of Member
Alexandrov, Ludmil B PhD Assistant ProfessorCellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Arden, Karen C PhD Adjunct ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Aroian, Raffi V PhD Adjunct ProfessorBiological SciencesAssociate
Ayyagari, Radha PhD Associate Professor IROphthalmologyAssociate
Bafna, Vineet Ph.D. ProfessorComputer Sciences and EngineeringParticipating
Bier, Ethan PhD ProfessorCell Biology / BiochemistryAssociate
Briggs, Steven P PhD ProfessorBiological SciencesParticipating
Califano, Joseph MD Director, Head & Neck Cancer CenterCancer CenterParticipating
Carter, Hannah PhD, MEng Assistant ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Chavez, Lukas PhD Assist ProfMedicineParticipating
Chi, Nai-Wen MD, PhD Associate ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Dorrestein, Pieter C PhD ProfessorSCHOOL OF PHARMACY/PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCEParticipating
Frazer, Kelly A PhD ProfessorPediatricsParticipating
Fu, Xiang-Dong PhD ProfessorMedicine / Cellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Hamilton, Bruce A PhD ProfessorMedicine / Cellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Harismendy, Olivier PhD Assistant Adjunct ProfessorPediatricsParticipating
Hoffman, Hal M MD ProfessorMedicine / PediatricsParticipating
Hunter, Tony PhD ProfessorMolecular and Cell Biology LabParticipating
Ideker, Trey PhD Professor/Division ChiefMedicine / GeneticsParticipating
Kaech, Susan M PhD ProfessorImmunologyParticipating
Karlseder, Jan PhD ProfessorMolecular and Cell Biology LabAssociate
Kiger, Amy A PhD Associate ProfessorBiological SciencesParticipating
Kim, William J PhD Assist ProfMedicineParticipating
Knight, Rob PhD ProfessorPediatricsParticipating
Kolodner, Richard D PhD ProfessorCellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Liu, Yu-Tsueng MD, PhD Assistant Adjunct ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Mesirov, Jill P PhD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Metallo, Christian M PhD Assistant ProfessorBioengineeringParticipating
Nelson, Karen PhD ProfessorGenomics / MicrobiomeParticipating
Ohno-Machado, Lucila MD, PhD Professor/ChiefMedicine / Division of Biomedical InformaticsParticipating
Palsson, Bernhard O PhD ProfessorBioengineeringParticipating
Pevzner, Pavel A PhD ProfessorComputer Science & EngineeringParticipating
Pillus, Lorraine PhD Professor/ChairMolecular Biology / DIVISION OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCEParticipating
Ren, Bing PhD ProfessorCellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Rosenfeld, Michael G MD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Sahoo, Debashis PhD Assistant ProfessorPediatricsParticipating
Scheuermann, Richard H PhD Director of InformaticsGenomicsParticipating
Sen, George L PhD Assistant ProfessorMedicine / DermatologyAssociate
Siuzdak, Gary PhD ProfessorChemistryParticipating
Subramaniam, Shankar PhD ProfessorBioengineeringParticipating
Tamayo, Pablo PhD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Venter, J. Craig PhD Adjunct ProfessorPharmacology / GenomicsParticipating
Wahl, Geoffrey M PhD ProfessorGene Expression LaboratoryParticipating
Webster, Nicholas J PhD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Yeo, Gene W PhD Associate ProfessorCellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Zhang, Kang MD, PhD ProfessorOphthalmologyParticipating
Zhang, Kun PhD Assoc ProfessorBioengineeringParticipating
Zhong, Sheng PhD Assoc ProfBioengineeringParticipating
Zhou, Huilin PhD Associate ProfessorCellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating

RESEARCH PROGRAM TITLE (Code): Solid Tumor Therapeutics (04)
Full NameAcademic TitleDepartmentsType Of Member
Advani, Sunil J MD Assistant ProfessorRadiation MedicineParticipating
Ahrens, Eric PhD ProfessorRadiologyParticipating
Alksne, John F MD ProfessorSurgeryAssociate
Baumgartner, Joel MD Assistant ProfessorSurgeryAssociate
Bazhenova, Lyudmila MD Associate Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Bergdahl, Mikael B PhD Associate ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryAssociate
Blair, Sarah L MD Clinical ProfessorSurgeryParticipating
Boles, Sarah G MD Assistant Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Bouvet, Michael MD ProfessorSurgeryParticipating
Brenner, David A MD Vice Chancellor for Health SciencesDean, UCSD School of MedicineParticipating
Buck, Martina PhD Assistant Adjunct ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Burgoyne, Adam M MD, PhD Associate ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Burkart, Michael D PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Cervino, Laura I PhD Assistant ProfessorRadiation MedicineAssociate
Chaturvedi, Vipin K PhD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Cheresh, David PhD Distinguished Professor and Vice ChairPathologyParticipating
Chien, Shu MD, PhD ProfessorMedicine / BioengineeringParticipating
Cohen, Ezra MD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Cohen, Seth M PhD Professor/ChairChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Crawford, John R MD Clinical ProfessorPediatrics / NeurosciencesParticipating
Dale, Anders M PhD ProfessorNeurosciencesParticipating
Daniels, Gregory A MD, PhD Associate Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
David, Michael PhD ProfessorBiological SciencesParticipating
Dennis, Edward A PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Derweesh, Ithaar H MD Assoc ProfessorSurgeryParticipating
Dowdy, Steven F PhD ProfessorMedicine / Cellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Eckmann, Lars MD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Eliceiri, Brian P PhD Associate ProfessorSurgeryParticipating
Esko, Jeffrey D PhD ProfessorMedicine / Cellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Fanta, Paul MD Assoc PhysicianMedicineParticipating
Fenical, William H PhD Professor & DirectorMarine Research DivisionParticipating
Ferrara, Napoleone MD ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Firtel, Richard A PhD ProfessorBiological SciencesParticipating
Franco, Alessandra I MD, PhD Associate ProfessorPediatricsParticipating
Friedmann, Theodore MD ProfessorPediatricsParticipating
Fuster, Mark M MD Assistant ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Gerwick, William H PhD ProfessorOceanography / Skaggs School of Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical SciencesParticipating
Ghosh, Gourisankar PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Gianneschi, Nathan C Ph.D. Assistant ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Gold, Kathryn A MD Associate ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Gonias, Steven L MD, PhD Professor and ChairPathologyParticipating
Guatelli, John MD ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Handel, Tracy M PhD ProfessorSkaggs School of PharmacyParticipating
Hansel, Donna E MD, PhD Professor and Division ChiefPathologyParticipating
Hattangadi Gluth, Jona M.D. Assistant Clinical ProfessorRadiation Medicine and Applied ScienceParticipating
Helsten, Teresa L MD Associate Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Hemming, Alan W MD, MSc Professor/Chief, Transplant DivisionSurgeryAssociate
Hinds, Brian R MD Assistant Clinical ProfessorDermatologyAssociate
Hoffman, Robert M PhD Professor IRSurgeryAssociate
Hoh, Carl K. MD Professor/Chief, Nuclear MedicineRadiologyAssociate
Howell, Stephen B MD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Huang, Chun-Ming Eric PhD Associate Adjunct ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Husain, Hatim MD Assistant ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Jokerst, Jesse PhD Asst. ProfessorNanoengineeringParticipating
Joshi, Shweta PhD Assistant ProfessorPediatricsAssociate
Kane, Christopher J MD Professor/ChairSurgery / UrologyParticipating
Karin, Michael PhD ProfessorPharmacologyParticipating
Karow, David MD, PhD Assistant Clinical ProfessorRadiologyParticipating
Kato, Shumei MD Assoc Clin ProfMedicineParticipating
Klemke, Richard L PhD ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Kummel, Andrew C PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Kurzrock, Razelle MD ProfessorMedicine / Cancer CenterParticipating
Leffert, Hyam L MD ProfessorPharmacologyAssociate
Lin, Jonathan H MD, PhD Associate ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Lin, Xinjian MD, PhD Associate Project ScientistCancer CenterAssociate
Linden, Joel PhD ProfessorDevelopmental ImmunologyAssociate
Lippman, Scott M MD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Lowy, Andrew M MD, FACS Chief, Surgical Oncology/ProfessorSurgeryParticipating
Lu, Li-Fan PhD Assistant ProfessorBiological SciencesParticipating
Ma, Joe D PharmD ProfessorPharmaceutical SciencesAssociate
Mayadev, Jyoti MD Assoc Clin ProfRadiation Medicine and Applied ScienceParticipating
McHale, Michael T MD Assoc Clin ProfReproductive MedicineParticipating
McKay, Rana R MD Asst. ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Mehta, Ravindra L MD Professor of Clinical MedicineMedicineAssociate
Mell, Loren K MD Associate ProfessorRadiation MedicineParticipating
Millard, Frederick E MD Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Miller, Aaron M MD, PhD Asst Clin ProfMedicineParticipating
Minev, Boris R Ph.D. Res ScientistCancer CenterParticipating
Mischel, Paul MD ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Moiseenko, Vitali PhD ProfessorRadiation Medicine and Applied ScienceParticipating
Molinolo, Alfredo A MD, PhD ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Molinski, Tadeusz F PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Muchmore, Elaine MD Clinical ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Mundt, Arno J MD ProfessorRadiation MedicineParticipating
Nguyen, Quyen T MD, PhD Associate ProfessorSurgeryParticipating
Nizet, Victor MD Prof-SOM/SSPPSPediatricsAssociate
Ojeda-Fournier, Haydee MD Assistant Clinical ProfessorRadiologyParticipating
Parker, Barbara A MD Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Patel, Sandip P MD Assistant ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Pawlicki, Todd A PhD Associate ProfessorRadiation MedicineAssociate
Piccioni, David MD, PhD Clinical Assistant ProfessorNeurosciencesAssociate
Plaxe, Steven C MD ProfessorReproductive MedicineParticipating
Ramamoorthy, Sonia L MD Associate ProfessorSurgeryParticipating
Rana, Tariq M PhD Professor of Pediatrics, GeneticsPediatricsParticipating
Reid, Tony MD, PhD Director, Early Phase Clinical Trial/ ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Rich, Jeremy N. MD, MHS, MBA ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Sacco, Assuntina G MD Assistant ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Saenz, Cheryl MD Clinical ProfessorReproductive MedicineParticipating
Sailor, Michael J PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Sandhu, Ajay PS MD, DMRT Clinical ProfessorRadiation MedicineParticipating
Schlaepfer, David D PhD ProfessorReproductive MedicineParticipating
Schoenberger, Stephen P PhD ProfessorDevelopmental ImmunologyParticipating
Schwab, Richard B MD Associate Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Sharabi, Andrew B MD, PhD Assistant Clinical ProfessorRadiation OncologyParticipating
Sicklick, Jason K MD Assistant ProfessorSurgeryParticipating
Silverman, Gregg J MD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Simpson, Daniel MD Assistant ProfessorRadiation MedicineParticipating
Sirlin, Claude B MD Professor IRRadiologyParticipating
Steinmetz, Nicole F PhD ProfessorBioengineering / NanoengineeringParticipating
Stupack, Dwayne G PhD ProfessorReproductive MedicineParticipating
Tarin, David MD, PhD, FRCPath ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Theodorakis, Emmanuel A PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Tor, Yitzhak PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Trogler, William PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Tukey, Robert H PhD ProfessorPharmacologyParticipating
Urbanic, James J MD Associate ProfessorRadiation Medicine and Applied ScienceAssociate
Varki, Nissi M MD ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Varner, Judith A PhD ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Vera, David R PhD ProfessorRadiologyParticipating
Wachsman, William MD, PhD Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Wallace, Anne M MD Professor/Chief of Plastic SurgerySurgeryParticipating
Wallace, Mark S MD ProfessorAnesthesiologyParticipating
Weisman, Robert A MD Clinical ProfessorSurgeryParticipating
White, Rebekah R MD Assoc Physician DiplSurgeryParticipating
Yaksh, Tony L PhD ProfessorAnesthesiologyParticipating
Yashar, Catheryn M MD Associate ProfessorRadiation MedicineParticipating
Yoon, Janet M MD Associate clinical professorPediatrics / Rady Children's Hospital San DiegoAssociate
Yu, Alice L MD, PhD Professor EmeritusPediatricsParticipating
Zage, Peter E MD, PhD Associate ProfessorPediatricsParticipating
Zanetti, Maurizio MD Professor EmeritusMedicineParticipating
Zhang, Liangfang PhD ProfessorNanoengineeringParticipating
Zheng, Binhai PhD Associate ProfessorNeurosciencesParticipating

RESEARCH PROGRAM TITLE (Code): Hematologic Malignancies (05)
Full NameAcademic TitleDepartmentsType Of Member
Adamson, John W MD Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Ball, Edward D MD BMT Dir/Div Chief/ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Bejar, Rafael MD, PhD Assistant ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Broome, H Elizabeth MD Clinical ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Bui, Jack D MD, PhD Associate Professor/Director, Stem Cell ProcessingPathologyParticipating
Carson, Dennis A MD Professor EmeritusMedicineParticipating
Castro, Januario E MD Associate Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Cherqui, Stephanie Ph.D Assist. ProfessorPediatricsAssociate
Choi, Michael Y M.D. Assistant Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Corr, Mary P MD ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Costello, Caitlin L MD HS Asst Clin ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Cottam, Howard B PhD Project Medicinal ChemistMedicineAssociate
Crews, Leslie PhD Assistant Adjunct ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Curtin, Peter T M.D. Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Galanina, Natalie MD Assist ProfMedicineParticipating
Goldrath, Ananda W PhD Associate ProfessorBiological SciencesParticipating
Hedrick, Stephen M PhD ProfessorBiological Sciences / Cellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Heller, Michael PhD ProfessorNanoengineeringParticipating
Hui, Enfu PhD Assist ProfCell and Developmental BiologyParticipating
Insel, Paul A MD ProfessorMedicine / PharmacologyParticipating
Jamieson, Catriona H MD, PhD Associate ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Kaufman, Dan MD, PhD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Kawakami, Toshiaki MD, PhD ProfessorDivision of Cell BiologyAssociate
Kipps, Thomas J MD, PhD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Kirkland, Theo N MD, PhD ProfessorMedicine / PathologyParticipating
Kronenberg, Mitchell PhD President/Chief Scientific OfficerLa Jolla Institute of Allergy & Immunology (LIAI) / Developmental ImmunologyParticipating
Kuo, Dennis J MD, MS Fellowship Program DirectorPediatrics / Rady Children's Hospital San DiegoAssociate
Lane, Thomas A MD Professor EmeritusPathologyParticipating
McGuire, Kathleen L BS, PhD ProfessorBiologyAssociate
Messmer, Bradley T PhD Project ScientistCancer CenterParticipating
Morris, Gerald MD, PhD Assistant ProfessorPathologyAssociate
Mulroney, Carolyn MD BMT PhysicianMedicineParticipating
Murre, Cornelis PhD ProfessorBiological SciencesParticipating
Rassenti, Laura Z PhD Project ScientistMedicineParticipating
Reid, Erin G MD Associate Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Reya, Tannishtha PhD ProfessorPharmacologyParticipating
Roberts, William D MD ProfessorPediatricsParticipating
Schiff, Deborah E M.D. Clinical ProfessorPediatricsParticipating
Schmid-Schoenbein, Geert W PhD Professor/ChairBioengineeringParticipating
Schultz, Peter PhD ProfessorChemistryParticipating
Shattil, Sanford J MD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Signer, Robert PhD Assistant ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Spector, Stephen A MD ProfessorPediatricsParticipating
Tanaka, Tiffany N MD InstructorMedicineParticipating
Taplitz, Randy A MD Associate ProfessorClinical MedicineAssociate
Traver, David PhD ProfessorCellular & Molecular MedicineParticipating
Tzachanis, Dimitrios MD, PhD Asst Clin ProfMedicineParticipating
von Drygalski, Annette MD, PharmD Dir/Hem/Asst Clin ProfMedicineAssociate
Wang, Huan-You MD PhD Clinical ProfPathologyParticipating
Wang-Rodriguez, Jessica MD Clinical ProfessorPathologyParticipating
Wieduwilt, Matthew J MD, PhD Assistant Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Willert, Karl H PhD Assistant ProfessorCellular & Molecular MedicineAssociate
Wong-Sefidan, Ida MD Assistant ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Wu, Christina CN PhD Associate Project ScientistCancer CenterParticipating
Zajonc, Dirk M PhD Assoc ProfessorCellular ImmunologyParticipating

RESEARCH PROGRAM TITLE (Code): Cancer Imaging (07)
Full NameAcademic TitleDepartmentsType Of Member
Andre, Michael P PhD Adjunct Professor/Div ChiefRadiologyAssociate
Bartsch, Hauke Dr. rer. Nat. Programmer Analyst IV RadiologyAssociate
Devaraj, Neal K PhD Assistant ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Ellies, Lesley PhD Associate Adjunct ProfessorPathologyAssociate
Newton, Isabel G MD, PhD Assistant Clinical ProfessorRadiologyParticipating
Rose, Steven C MD Clinical ProfessorRadiologyParticipating
Scadeng, Miriam MD Associate ProfessorRadiologyAssociate
Schwimmer, Jeffrey B MD ProfessorPediatricsAssociate
White, Nathan PhD Assistant ProfessorRadiologyParticipating

RESEARCH PROGRAM TITLE (Code): Cancer Control (08)
Full NameAcademic TitleDepartmentsType Of Member
Al-Delaimy, Wael MD, PhD Professor/ Chief, Div of Global HealthFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Ancoli-Israel, Sonia PhD Professor EmeritusPsychiatryParticipating
Anderson, Cheryl A PhD, MPH, MS Associate ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthAssociate
Aristizabal, Paula MD Attending PhysicianPediatricsParticipating
Arredondo, Elva M PhD ProfessorPublic HealthParticipating
Ayala, Guadalupe X PhD, MPH ProfessorPublic HealthParticipating
Barrett-Connor, Elizabeth D MD Distinguished Professor and ChiefFamily Medicine and Public Health / Division of EpidemiologyAssociate
Beach, Wayne A PhD ProfessorCommunicationAssociate
Benmarhnia, Tarik PhD Assist ProfMedicine / Scripps Institution of OceanographyAssociate
Boutelle, Kerri N PhD ProfessorPsychiatry / PediatricsParticipating
Buhi, Eric R MPH, PhD Associate ProfessorPublic HealthAssociate
Castaneda, Sheila F PhD Research Associate ProfessorPublic HealthParticipating
Corliss, Heather L PhD, MPH ProfessorPublic HealthParticipating
Crespo, Noe PhD Assist ProfessorPublic Health / Health PromotionParticipating
Cummins, Sharon PhD Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthAssociate
Doran, Kelly S PhD Associate ProfessorBiologyAssociate
Doran, Neal PhD Associate Adjunct ProfessorPsychologyParticipating
Elder, John P PhD ProfessorPublic Health / Family Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Gallo, Linda C PhD ProfessorPsychologyParticipating
Gamst, Anthony C PhD ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Gupta, Samir MD Associate Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Hartman, Sheri J PhD Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Hong, Mee Young PhD Assistant ProfessorExercise & Nutritional ScienceParticipating
Hovell, Melbourne F PhD, MPH ProfessorPublic HealthParticipating
Jain, Shamini PhD Assistant Adjunct ProfessorPsychiatryParticipating
Jain, Sonia PhD ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Kado, Deborah M MD, MS ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthAssociate
LaCroix, Andrea Z PhD Professor/ Div. ChiefFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Larsen, Britta PhD Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthAssociate
Laughlin, Gail A PhD Associate ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Loomba, Rohit MD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Mackey, Timothy K PhD Associate ProfessorAnesthesiologyParticipating
Madanat, Hala N PhD ProfessorPublic HealthParticipating
Madlensky, Lisa PhD Associate ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthAssociate
Malcarne, Vanessa L PhD ProfessorPsychologyParticipating
Marcus, Bess H Ph.D. Professor, Chair, Sr. Assoc. Dean for Public HealthFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Marquez, Becky E PhD, MPH Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthAssociate
Martinez, Maria Elena PhD ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Matt, Georg E PhD ProfessorPsychologyParticipating
Mausbach, Brent T PhD Associate ProfessorPsychiatryAssociate
McDaniels-Davidson, Corinne R PhD, MPH Adjunct ProfessorPublic HealthParticipating
McMenamin, Sara B PhD, MPH Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Messer, Karen PhD Professor/Div ChiefFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Mills, Paul J PhD Professor IRPsychiatryParticipating
Moran, Meghan B PhD Assistant ProfessorCommunicationParticipating
Murphy, James PhD Associate Clinical ProfessorRadiation Medicine / Applied ScienceParticipating
Myers, Mark G PhD Professor IRPsychiatryParticipating
Natarajan, Loki PhD Adjunct ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Nebeker, Camille EdD, MS Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthAssociate
Nodora, Jesse DrPH Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Oren, Eyal PhD, MS Assoc ProfessorDivision of EpidemiologyAssociate
Pakiz, Bilge EdD Project Scientist/Project DirectorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Parada, Humberto PhD Assistant ProfessorDivision of EpidemiologyParticipating
Parsons, J. Kellogg MD, MHS Associate ProfessorSurgeryParticipating
Patrick, Kevin MD, MS ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Patterson, Ruth E PhD Professor EmeritusFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Pierce, John P PhD Professor EmeritusFamily Medicine and Public Health / Cancer CenterParticipating
Rock, Cheryl L PhD, RD ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Roeland, Eric J MD Assistant Clinical ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Roesch, Scott PhD ProfessorPsychologyParticipating
Sadler, Georgia R MBA, PhD Director, Cancer Center Outreach/ProfessorSurgeryParticipating
Sallis, James PhD Professor Emer/Dir. Active LivingFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Sandborn, William J MD ProfessorMedicine / GastroenterologyAssociate
Schiaffino, Melody K PhD, MPH Assistant ProfessorPublic HealthAssociate
Schwartzman, Armin PhD Assoc ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Sears, Dorothy D PhD Associate ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Shi, Yuyan PhD Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthAssociate
Shih, Pei-an Betty MPM, PhD Associate ProfessorPsychiatryAssociate
Smith, Davey ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Strong, David R PhD Associate ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Su, H. Irene MD MSCE Associate Professor IRReproductive MedicineParticipating
Talavera, Gregory A MD, MPH ProfessorPublic HealthParticipating
Thompson, Caroline A PhD, MPH Assistant ProfessorPublic Health / Division of EpidemiologyParticipating
Trinidad, Dennis R PhD, MPH Associate ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Tsou, Ming-Hsiang PhD ProfessorGeographyParticipating
Wells, Kristen J PhD, MPH Assistant ProfessorPsychologyAssociate
Woodruff, Suzanne I PhD Staff Research AssociateCancer CenterAssociate
Wu, Tianying MD, PhD Associate ProfessorDivision of EpidemiologyAssociate
Wyles, David M.D. Assistant Adjt. ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Zhu, Shu-Hong PhD ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating

RESEARCH PROGRAM TITLE (Code): Non Programmatically Aligned (ZY)
Full NameAcademic TitleDepartmentsType Of Member
Ahn, Hyunah MD Assistant Clinical ProfessorPediatricsParticipating
Anderson, Eric MD Assoc Clinical ProfessorPediatricsParticipating
Bazhenov, Maksim PhD ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Bhatnagar, Vibha MD, MPH Assistant Professor IRFamily Medicine and Public HealthAssociate
Brumund, Kevin T MD Associate ProfessorSurgeryAssociate
Chang, R. Jeffrey MD ProfessorReproductive MedicineParticipating
Cosman, Bard C MD, MPH Associate Clinical ProfessorSurgeryAssociate
Croft, Michael PhD Division Head/ProfessorImmunologyAssociate
Diccianni, Mitchell B PhD Assistant Research ScientistPediatricsParticipating
Ellisman, Mark PhD ProfessorNeurosciencesParticipating
Evans, Ronald M Ph.D. Professor/DirectorGene Expression LaboratoryAssociate
Firestein, Gary S MD ProfessorMedicineParticipating
Gonzalez, Patricia PhD Research Assistant ProfessorPublic HealthAssociate
Goodman, Eric T MD Associate Clinical ProfessorRadiologyParticipating
Grotjahn, Douglas B PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryAssociate
Hall, David PhD ProfessorRadiologyParticipating
Hastings, Randolph H MD, PhD ProfessorAnesthesiologyAssociate
Herbst, Kenneth MD Clinical Professor EmeritusMedicineAssociate
Jiang, Shang (Brian) I M.D. Assoc Clin ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Kirmani, Saeeda MD Clinical ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Komives, Elizabeth A PhD ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryParticipating
Kono, Yuko MD, PhD Assistant Clinical ProfessorMedicineAssociate
Laurent, Louise C MD, PhD Assistant ProfessorReproductive MedicineAssociate
Looney, David J MD Associate Professor IRMedicineAssociate
Marsala, Martin Ph.D. ProfessorAnesthesiologyParticipating
Matthews, Scott C MD Assistant Adjunct ProfessorPsychiatryAssociate
McDonald, Carrie IR Associate ProfessorPsychiatryParticipating
Mellon, Pamela L PhD ProfessorReproductive Medicine / NeurosciencesParticipating
Miller, Mark A PhD Project InvestigatorSan Diego Supercomputer CenterParticipating
Patel, Piyush MD ProfessorAnesthesiologyAssociate
Quigley, James P PhD ProfessorScripps Research Institute / Cell BiologyParticipating
Rana, Brinda K PhD Assoc ProfessorPsychiatryParticipating
Richman, Douglas D MD Professor IRMedicine / PathologyParticipating
Sakamoto, Kyoko MD Clinical ProfessorSurgery / UrologyAssociate
Savides, Thomas J MD ProfessorClinical MedicineAssociate
Schneiderman, Lawrence J MD Professor EmeritusMedicine / Family Medicine and Public HealthAssociate
Sette, Alessandro D PhD Division Head/ProfessorDivision of Vaccine DiscoveryParticipating
Siddiqui, Aleem A PhD ProfessorMedicine / Infectious DiseaseParticipating
Sorkin, Linda S PhD ProfessorAnesthesiologyParticipating
Thomas, Ronald G PhD ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating
Tsigelny, Igor PhD Research ProfessorNeurosciencesParticipating
Ware, Carl F PhD ProfessorLaboratory of Molecular ImmunologyParticipating
Xu, Ronghui (Lily) PhD ProfessorFamily Medicine and Public HealthParticipating